Monday, December 31, 2012

Get Stuffed...,

Volume 3 is out now, available here. It's full of lovely softies, including my softie shoes.

Thank you to everyone who visits Lucykate Crafts for all your support throughout 2012.

See you in 2012!

The face behind it all...!


I cannot say those words without thinking of that old Abba song!

* and please note, new camera, present from 'im indoors, new camera is very good, it's my photography that's a bit dodgy!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New year, new leaves...

I can't believe that 2012 is nearly over already, it seems to have passed by so quickly.  This point in the year lends itself so naturally to being a time to reflect, and that's the thing about writing a blog, it's all here, in the archives, a years worth of posts.  As we've been doing a bit of traveling and visiting over christmas, we've also had time to have more of those conversations, you know, the ones where Mr LK opens the top of my head, asks a few questions and then waits for something profound to happen.  He's actually very good to talk to about the important stuff, I've often thought about sticking him online here for a web chat!  He'd certainly open up some interesting thoughts for anyone who feels they were a bit stuck in a rut creatively. 

Our conversation last night was mostly about the future, our future, the house's future, his future and the future of Lucykate Crafts.  There is a lot I don't know the answer to yet, but one thing I do know, is how lucky I am right now.  Lucky to have had, and still be having this time at home, with the children and the time to try out Lucykate Crafts.  It hasn't always been like this, for 12 years I was the main breadwinner, I returned to work when Lucy was only 5 months old, she was with a childminder from 8 til 5, every day.  Everything came to a head when she called me by our childminders name, and we all knew in an instant, things had to change.  And change it did, now Mr LK brings home the bacon, and given that he essentially has 3 jobs, my official post in this house is to look after the family, make sure everyone is fed, happy, and the toilet is clean!  Any time spent on Lucykate Crafts is a real luxury and a joy for me, something to savour and expand.  So, what is going to change here in 2012?  Well, I suppose if I write it down, then I have to stick to it, right?!  So here goes, plans for 2012,

1.  I think I'd like to re-design the blog layout and colour scheme
2.  Learn how to use the graphics software I have in order to design a range of patterns
3.  Launch a range of patterns both in paper and PDF format
4.  Bring together my ideas for a craft book and refine the whole concept
5.  Launch a more official web site to sit in conjunction with my blog
6.  But firstly, I really want to revisit the eye patch tutorial.  I get emails regularly from grateful parents, who after struggling to get their child to cooperate with patching, have made one of these.  It is about time I followed it up with some more detailed instructions for a boys version.

As always, after christmas, there is a pile of new reading material to get me started...,

I love the format of Anna Maria Horner's book, it's like a little folder, a pocket at the back for patterns and is spiral bound inside.  There is something about books like that, that call out and say 'pick me up, open the pages and sew'!  

We're off on another trip in the next few days, so no doubt our in car conversation will continue and help me continue to develop my ideas and aspirations for Lucykate Crafts.  But for now, it's knitting (sewing for me) club tonight, and I have absolutely nothing ready to take along.  No unfinished projects, no softies on the go, nothing!.  I'm tempted to just fling some fabric in a hoop, grab some thread and a needle and embroider up a little stitchette design made up as I go along, what do you think?!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Secrets revealed...

This is the cushion I made for my mum for christmas, it is her family flower garden. There are three hearts planted, which are her three children and nine flowers growing to represent all her grandchildren. I made the cover with an envelope back, I guessed it was wise to have it removable in case it ever needs washing!

And, this one was for my mother-in-law, a sewing cushion as a passion for making things is something we both share.

Just a quick hello to any new visitors from Sew Mama Sew, please come in, make yourselves at home, have a mince pie and some mulled wine!

Plus a big thank you to Beth for mentioning my owls.

Next project is Lucy's birthday on the 6th January and she wants me to make her something, not sure what yet, so watch this space...!

Friday, December 28, 2012

If you got any money for christmas...,

you may be tempted by this,

"Sew it All" is a new American sewing magazine by the people behind Sew News. There are projects by fellow UK designer, Janet Clare, and US designer extraordinaire, Alicia Paulson to name but a few, and also there is me!

It's a really simple idea for homemade napkin rings to spruce up your dinner table.

The leaf motif is aimed at a beginner level, the flower being more suited to a more advanced stitcher. There are lots of lovely projects in the magazine, some even available to download from their website. Happy Stitching!